Tips for Calgary Sugar Daddy to Confirm a Sugar Baby is Real or Not

Calgary Sugar Daddy

The truth is that a sugar daddy dating arrangement is a relatively common arrangement both online and offline. However, it can be quite tricky sometimes to determine who is a real sugar baby. This is because many scammers are prowling the internet looking for sugar babies that they can swindles of money and other important things. So, if you are a Calgary sugar daddy look for a sugar baby, you need to be cautious when choosing a sugar baby.

Well, you don't have to worry too much about this challenge. In this article, we will consider some important tips that sugar daddies in Toronto can use to confirm if a sugar baby is real or not.

Using fake photos

A real sugar baby is always proud of her physical look because she knows that it is one of her greatest attributes for attracting a sugar daddy. So, if you notice that a supposed sugar baby is using a fake photo as her profile picture, it is very likely that she is fake.

To check whether a photo belongs to someone else or not, use Google Reverse Image Search. This service quickly looks for images that look like the one you are trying to confirm. Hence, if the sugar baby is fake, you will be able to tell where they have copied their photos.

Apart from using someone else's picture, you should also be wary of sugar babies that utilize images of pets, avatars, and other related things.

Using a suspicious dating profile

If you are meeting a sugar baby through a dating website, you can decide whether she is fake or not through her profile. Is her account verified? Is she highly rated on the platform? Does she have a high-quality photo or video that shows her face clearly? If her profile is suspicious, she is probably fake.

Asking for money before the meetup

Another tip for confirming if a sugar baby is real or not noting when or how they ask for money. While sugar babies will definitely collect money from sugar daddies Toronto, they must never be desperate for any financial gain. So, if you send that a sugar baby is too desperate to get money from you, you should understand that such a person is probably fake.

Generally, a fake sugar baby will want to make money off a sugar daddy and then avoid meeting up. As a result of this, she will ask for money before meeting up. Therefore, sugar daddies in Toronto must be careful of any sugar baby that is asking for money before the meetup. In fact, you should see it as a red flag and block any girl that wants to get money from you before seeing her in person.

However, there may be a few exceptions. For instance, if she has to fly to your location from another place, you may need to book a flight and hotel for her. But even in this situation, you should be careful.

Not willing to do video call

If a sugar baby is a catfish or fake, such a person will not want you to see their real face. As a consequence of this, a fake sugar baby will not be willing to do any video call with you. She will go to any length to avoid doing anything that may make it easy for you to know that she is fake.

However, you need to be careful here as some fake sugar babies are using their real photos. Hence, they may still do video calls with you, but their intentions are good. They may just be looking for people to waste their time or want to collect money from you and abscond.

Sharing her nude photos too early

A real sugar baby knows that a Calgary sugar daddy is attracted to her body. Hence, she will want him to crave it in different ways. So, a real sugar baby will not be willing to send her nude photos too early. She will likely want to be certain of your intentions for her before sharing any of her adult photos with you.

However, a fake sugar baby is the opposite of that as she will want to draw sugar daddies in Toronto to herself through nudity. But you should understand that the nude photos that a fake sugar baby is sending to you are likely not her own. In other words, she has probably copied the nude photos of a model or someone else online.

Meeting up offline

Perhaps this is the ultimate tip for knowing whether a sugar baby is fake or not. Regardless of the location of a sugar baby and a sugar daddy, it is often important for them to meet physically to have a fun-filled time. But you need to be cautious at this point. Don't propose meeting up in a private place or your home as it could make some real sugar babies lose interest in meeting sugar daddies in Toronto. Of course, you must understand that it may take some periods before getting used to each other. Therefore, some real sugar babies may not be willing to meet up offline early. Nevertheless, they will eventually do so.

Nonetheless, if you notice that a sugar baby is trying as much as possible to avoid meeting up physically, such a baby is fake. She may keep skipping your proposed days or just looking for excuses not to meet up.

Meeting up only a private place

Is your sugar baby suggesting that you should meet up in a hotel room? Does she want you to meet up at her home or any other private place? If yes, you need to be careful. In most situations, fake sugar babies looking for ways to rob or harm you will want to meet you in a private place. In other cases, she might have other sugar daddies in the same city; hence, she would prefer to keep you as a secret sugar daddy. Whatever the reason may be, you should consider the sugar baby as fake.

Telling a sob story

Telling a sob story is a common tactic that fake sugar babies often use to gain sympathy from sugar daddies. If you fall for it, you will probably end up spending money on a fake sugar baby. Therefore, you must be on the look for sob stories. A real sugar baby can tell you negative things about herself, but she will also balance it by telling you positive things that are happening to her. Furthermore, she will never expect you to start providing financial supports or other forms of assistance because of a sob story. So, if it seems as if a sugar baby is trying to arouse sympathy with sob stories, she is fake and must be avoided.

Talking about marriage a lot

Although many sugar daddies and sugar babies have married, a sugar arrangement is not designed for marriage. So, you should be suspicious of any sugar baby that talks often about how much she would like to be married. Such a sugar baby is just trying to trick you into marrying her and later divorcing you to take a share of your money.

With tested and trusted tips provided above, a Calgary sugar daddy should be able to confirm whether a sugar baby is real or not.